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Thursday, August 11th, 2005
12:01 am
look christina, im updating my livejournal.. because im so fuckin hardcore.. XX straight edge mother fuckers lol.. except of course im drinking this smirnoff.. shit.. im so straight edge though.. um.. see because ive broken the rules of straight edge by drinking.. the only sentance in death.. so like im gonna go lay on these here rail road tracks.. and this train'll be like honk honk, blam.. and then im in like a few pieces.. and then my parents will laugh and collect the life inusrance money.. james will cry because he wont be able to be in a band with me and hang around with anyone.. wes will like not care and start drumming for another band.. christina will probably be like.. whoa thats so fuckin cool.. and then.. yeah.. hardcore.. straight edge.. rarrrrrr.. got it.. everyone wins.. fuck fuck fuck..
Friday, April 15th, 2005
9:21 pm
the best story you'll hear in awhile..
I just snapped a few minutes ago.. it was intense.. and now that i think about it i guess wrong.. but something in me just went off.. I was walking out to my car.. I was just going to cash my check and come back home.. 3 kids in a car driving by.. the driver sticks his head out the window and says "fag." Why this kid was calling me a fag is beyond me.. he doesnt know me.. was it to look like tough shit in front of his friends.. or because of my clothing of choice.. whatever it was.. im sure he learned his lesson..

I immediately jumped in my car and sped to catch him.. Luckily he was going the same direction as me towards Dry Ridge as i sped 65mph down my 25mph road to catch up.. Finally in Dry Ridge i catch up to the fucker still speeding way too much.. one of his friends turn around and notices ive been tail gating him and looking very angry.. he turns and looks at me.. i start honking my horn and giving them the middle finger.. We reach a stop sign and its just his car and mine.. I park mine.. jump out.. Whip out my knife.. walk up to the window.. i say "Have you got a fuckin problem." they just stare at me in horror. The drivers like " oh no man, we've got no problem, its cool." I say "Just as long as theres no fucking problems!" I walk back to my car jump in and speed off towards the bank.. Adrenaline fucking rules..

I have never been so pissed or lost it over something so stupid.. but as soon as that kid drove by and called me a fag.. i fuckin went nuts.. that was freakin nuts.. I'm sorta surprised i did that.. but im sorta sick of ppls shit..

You may think the knife thing was a bit too far.. but it was 3 on 1.. i couldnt risk getting jumped.. maybe next time they'll think before opening their fat fuckin mouths.. the look of horror on their faces as i stood their enraged with a knife.. dumbass punk 17 and 18 year olds.. dont fuck with me.. and lets also hope they dont decide to call the police on me.. they did see what trailer i walked out of to get to my car.. but im sure they wont do shit..

Current Mood: awake
Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
6:20 pm
I havent bought my slayer tickets because it doesnt fuckin matter.. if they're sold out when i go to buy them tough shit.. nothing i havent already seen too many times anyways.. I'm going to see Dillinger Escape Plan, Zao, Misery Signals, and Everytime I Die in a few weeks.. I'm off school next week.. mid terms are over this is good.. ill have the cash for the recording gear in 2 days.. My website is getting done by professionals so even if my music sucks ill have a bitchin' website.. We're over 1000 plays on purevolume and apparently i can sing very well.. I work with a friend on a metal/hardcore site now.. I Review and Interview bands.. Its cool I get to talk to them on the phone, over the internet or whatever.. and they send me free cd's to review.. I also do show reviews since i go to bunches of concerts.. takes up my spare time anyways.. band practice is going good.. we practice 2-3 times a week now and winters coming fast.. we've got fans all over the place.. we played a 40 min show for the neighborhood and ppl came from florence to watch us.. well fuck im done writing..

Current Mood: blank
Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
2:54 pm
I just can't bitch enough today about how fucked up things are..

Do you ever notice how people buy pieces of shit cars and spend so much money on modifications that do nothing to the car that they could save up with and buy an actual sports car. Instead of that piece of shit honda civic with pimped out rims, mufflers, and fuckin spoilers. Guess what buddy! You drive a honda civic you wasted a shitload of cash on and my 1992 rusted out toyota corolla can still out run your stupid ass. Fuckin idiots.

I'm not trying to sit here and diss everyone. Just general society I guess. No one's perfect thats for sure but I do know that I'm me, I'm smarter than you, and thats all there is too it. My thoughts may not change shit but maybe someone will get the picture..

Exactly why would you want to have a fast car anyways? Look I've got a Mustang that can go 200mph but Yeah Since the speed limit is 65 who gives a shit. Yeah you can drive 200 mph on the highway and get your liscense taken away so you can't drive at all dipshit or a fine so big you have to sell that piece of trash. And yes on the highway my rusted corolla can go just as fast as yours so quit thinking your tough shit! I'd rather have a reliable dependable car and extra money left over than a hot pimped out beast that i can't even use.
2:14 pm
Wow, ok normally i dont bitch a lot.. i say nothing.. i take life as its handed to me.. NOT TODAY!

lets talk about.. Women.. And some of my philosophies.. In quotations are things women have said. Then after that comes my fact!

"I Didnt do anything over the weekend."

LIE! This equals "I got drunk and had lots of sex that i regret having since im sober. But, i'm trying not to sound like a slut."

"I've only kissed one guy."

LIE! No girl has only kissed one guy. Any girl that says this is either to young or a fuckin liar.

"I think you're cute."

LIE I'm not cute. I'm replulsive, an asshole, and hideous, so dont even fuck with me.

"Looks don't matter to me."

LIE! Looks do matter shithead. Any girl that declines is retarded. Heres the proof. The good looking JERKS that treat women like shit and beat them but still get the women.

"I just broke up with my boyfriend. I'm not going to date for a bit."

LIE! You're trying to sound like you're not a whore going from one guy to the next. Do I look like an idiot?

"I like to have fun."

LIE! No shit you like to have fun. Who wants to sit around bored? Upon further investigation I ask what you like to do specifically like "What kind of music are you into?" They respond all music. So I ask about Movies. All movies. Okay you are a shallow minded idiot with no character or personallity so please do not waste my time. You cannot possibly like all music or movies can you go away shallow minded fuck.

Thats all for today.. hopefully.. later fuckers..
12:37 pm
Kids these days get away with too much. They dye their hair, pierce their bodies, dress up like freaks, experiment with drugs, they disregard tradition and rules, and disrespect anyone that might "fuck" with their style. Thats not the big picture though. I mean sure I could say I hate everyone. Who are you people trying to impress? Me? what a waste of time if that were the case. Its alright if you dress this way or that way. I'm 19, no girlfriend. I could say im a nice person. All women may hate me. But, I hate them too so its alright. You know why I don't watch tv anymore. Everything on it sucks. What happened to all the good shows. Everytime I turn on the tv theres another queer ass fuckin reality show about shit no one cares about. Classic comedy shows were the days. Cartoons have so plumeted down hill with now mind numbing garbage. I work close to full time and go to school, i have no time for fun and games. When i do have the free time theres no where to go or no one to do anything with. I have few friends. I live in Grant Country where there is nothing. My "college" sucks. Why am i the youngest kid to attend that college. Do people not have brain maturity until they are over 25 years of age.

High school. I must've despised 90% of the people there. Is there any reason politicians are pussies? Why couldnt we have just one congressman that would just speak his mind without the mindless bullshit and ass kissing? Why couldnt you just speak your mind instead of trying to sound like a Yale valid victorian which no one cares about in the end.

Are you enjoying my thoughts bitches? I don't really care. I'm not forcing anyone to read any of this. Hi, I'm matt and im an asshole!
Saturday, August 21st, 2004
1:27 am
Well I just got home from the concert. Now I'm exhausted but I have to get up for work in about 2 hours.. Anyways, God Forbid opened up. They were great music wise but I think they should've boosted the lead vocals volume some. I didnt mosh or anything during them and I was still waiting for Adam to arrive with his friends. After God Forbid I start to walk toward the entrance and I see Adam getting patted down. So he did make it after his car stalled and his friends broke down.. I had the most fun during Bleeding Through. Tons of moshing during them. They put on a great live show. During Bleeding Through I got thrown... but thats nothing knew since im so light and at least I landed on my feet this time and got thrown into people.. Dimmu Borgir came up next. There wasnt much moshing, more fighting than anything. Guess they really bring out a lot of hate in people. 2 fights broke out next to Me, Sheila, and Adam. This guy got put into a headlock and jumped by 3 guys and he got fucked up and was bleeding everywhere. The other fight was a bit farther away but it lasted a long time at least a few minutes before security got there. I just crowd surfed during Dimmu.. They were pretty good. The crowd was really into it anyways.. Afterwards we all headed around back. I met Bleeding Through and God Forbids singers.. We got tired of waiting for Dimmu so we left. If only I didnt have to go to work in a few.. blah.. later..
Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
1:32 am
Fuck back to school and I already dislike it. Im way over my head with the classes this semester. Anyways about the recording gear heh. Well after this Friday I should have like 2300 dollars in the bank. Depending on how much my college books cost and stuff. Well I'm just thinking I'll be ordering the Fostex 8 track digital multitrack and an SM57 mike in 3 weeks hopefully. We've got 2 originals down right now. We did the drums for our 3rd one today. I've got that concert this Friday. Ah, enough of this im sleeping.

Current Mood: exhausted
Sunday, August 15th, 2004
2:37 pm
Whoa, a few mins ago I was mowing the lawn, and I almost lost a leg or a foot or something. The bolt that holds the spinning blade and of course it was spinning very fuckin fast since it was on, snapped off and the blade went flying out a little to the left of me and went behind me down over my hill. If it would've been angled about 30 more degrees to the right toward me. I'd be on my way to the hospital. Good times mowing the lawn.

Current Mood: shocked
Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
8:23 pm
Today was.. good.. then now its like.. shitty.. Well I woke up sometime around 11 and I went and picked Adam up. We went to wal mart and got his pictures developed and whatever.. Then we went to Krogers in Florence and got our concert tickets. Then we went to the mall.. eh.. whatever.. I bought the most bitchin pants ever lol.. Its not even worth talking about.. We then went to rallys and the fuckin chick on the register had mass piercings and actually knew who killswitch engage was.. i was almost in fuckin shock lol.. We went through drive thru and I had the music cranked and shes like "thats killswitch" im just like "fuck yeah." Well I said "nice piercings" and all her friends come to the window chiming "shes single" and they all start giggling and im just like "um.. ok.. *drives off* Sorry, but I am one ugly mother fucker. Thats just how it is..

Then I go over Adams and he wanted me to take him to work so I stayed there and played Counter Strike for about an hour then took him to work. Bleh, I have to go back tomorrow I hate that place.

Hmm, anyways Sheila's moving and bs like that so.. fuck.. im not even going to say anything about that.. Cody hasnt hesitated one bit and already asked me if he could play lead guitar for us. *sighs* This blows a lot. Hes a complete beginner at guitar and I have to teach him everything. I mean everything. I dont see him lasting much since his parents are like the biggest christian religion freaks I've ever met. Apparently I'm Satan so they're not going to like me too much. I'd probably quit playing music if I could get away with it. Theres nothing to take its place though. Its all I do and without it I'd just be a lump sitting in my room wasting the time away. Musics not going to get me anywhere. It hasn't to this day. People could care less about music or if you can play a guitar, write a song, sing a tune, whatever. Every day I spend is never coming back. Not being a kid anymore changes too much. Sure I can understand why parents and adults are the way they are. You lose something when you have to get up and work every day and just dont have friends or this or that. You eventually stop having any so called "fun" and you turn into a constant non laughing, spiteful, hateful asshole. You get out of fuckin high school and all your friends ditch you. I have exactly 2 friends I had from high school. James and Brandon and thats because they're in my band. I dont know what ever happened to Jeff, Sam, Josh, Kevin, Aaron, Chris, Daniel, Scott, Chandra but they're definetly gone.. And now Sheilas going too.. And college lol. I don't have any friends up there because they are all just ahhh I can't even begin. College is definetly worse than high school.. Its definetly worse.. I havent had a drink of alcohol in like 2 months. I remember when i was downing that shit ever day. things werent too bad. well i dont remember actually but that was the point. Fuck all this shit.

Current Mood: depressed
1:46 am
*yawns* im trying to think what happened today.. oh yeah.. I talked with adam and like 4 of his friends.. They're all meeting us at the concert and we're going to own the fuckin mosh pit. They seem like ok people. They liked my music and I might have us a gig as Stu from work wants us to play at his party.

Tomorrow I'm just going to go do whatever. I'm definetly getting the hell out of this house. Me and Adam are going to cause trouble somewhere up in florence or some shit. We might go ahead and buy the concert tickets or I just might wait until I get the cash from sheila cause im trying to leave my shit untouched in the bank. Sheila said weird shit today but thats normal i guess. Band practice today was alright. My voice totally sucked, I mean I suck to begin with but it was even worse today, because I was screaming and shit with the music on the way too and from guitar lessons (an hours drive) so by the time I got to practice my voice was shot. So it was pretty gay. So I stopped singing after we played about 3 or 4 songs and we just tried to get down our 2nd original "The Red Song" We got it down pretty good but I still have to memorize the lyrics to it. I have to go back to freakin school next week.. Bleh, it doesn't really matter. Damn its late.

btw new alexisonfire is the fuckin shit. I mean that in a good way.

Current Mood: weird
Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
1:22 am
Angry Goth
Angry Goth

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newest song!

"Life Support"

I've lost my will
I've lost my way
I dont care anymore
Theres nothing to say
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You plug me in a machine
Life support
I wish it was a dream

Artificial faith
Is what keeps me alive
A mechanical angel
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How did I
get this way
I took the wrong risk
I threw it all away

I want to die
They cant hear me
If I could
Move my arms
I'd kill myself
If I could speak
I'd tell them
Let me go

If only you saw
The meaning of life
Through the same eyes
As me

Artificial faith
Is what keeps my alive
A mechanical angel
Stands by my side

Current Mood: amused
Sunday, August 8th, 2004
10:27 pm
Ok I changed my mind.. August 20th Dimmu, God Forbid, and Bleeding through I'm fuckin there.. I promised Adam we'd go and tear up the moshpit. Hes got friends showing up to meet me (of all people) that are into the death/black metal and shit like me so, why not.. I will get no sleep and have to work the next day since i open at work but i dont care yet.. I will lose money which that was the biggest issue really as to why I didn't want to go. Since Sheila's paying me back my 40 bucks and paying for her ticket already well I really won't be losing money as far as whats in the bank.. I should be around $2100 now. I still have to buy school books though and those cost 50-100 bucks each..

I just can't wait to buy my recording gear. It's going to be a lot of work for us to make our own demo. I'm pretty sure I can pull it off though. I've been reading about miking techniques, amp settings, eq, compression, limiting, noise gates, notch and scientific filters, mixing, just all the fun shit i deal with to make our music. I managed to mix our mp3s on purevolume. The mixing is pretty good of course its the shitty quality that I can't help there.

Band practice monday and tuesday. I wish we could practice more than twice a week but we just can't because of our schedules. Its going to be even worse once i go back to school. All my classes are evening and thats when we practice and then i work mornings so we're kinda fucked but ill suck it up and go. Or figure something out.

Current Mood: worried
Friday, August 6th, 2004
6:09 pm
The August 20th concert I'm not going. I'd have to work the next morning and I'm not gonna do that or spend that kinda money to get there and everything. I'm way too tired..

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
9:55 pm
I'm here to top of the cake with icing.. Yes I'm here to bitch a little more. I'll mention my day first though. Didnt mow the law today because it started raining so ill do it tomorrow after work. Had band practice today and we just did our covers and worked on Heart Failure more because Brandon just got his tabs for it today so now he has no excuse to practice. We got through our original once with no fuck ups out of a few tries but they were all brandon because he really didnt know the song.. THATS WHY WE PRACTICE! Yeah, Adam came with me and watched us practice and listened and even bullshited with the mic a bit. Him and James get along really well because they always talk about video games. I just kinda.. stand there like huh.. After practice me and Adam head to our lovely workplace mcdonalds.. lovely.. not..

Adam goes in the freezer with daniel and they just start tearing shit up because.. they can.. I start chowing down on whatever I feel like because the cool manager was there.. In the end we have a chicken nugget fight in the parking lot and adam throws a Hi-C drink at the 1st window in drive through. Well it wasnt closed fast enough and Hi-C goes all over the window, the building, and even inside. So we laugh..

Well I get home to find a letter from Eaglebank. Here I am staring at a check written to my with insufficient funds in the account. Sheila, you owe me 40 bucks! James, you owe me, 50 bucks! come on ppl pay me off, no wonder i can't buy any recording gear lol. August 20th Dimmu, God Forbid, and Bleeding Through concert.. fuck yeah..

Thats about it.. Let the napalm rain..

Current Mood: satisfied
3:03 pm
I've been laying around all day thinking.. analyzing.. figuring all this stupid shit out.. After listening to about every singer in my mp3 collection I could only find 1 that sings in the right keys and everything to match the stuff we're playing. That singer is from Avenged Sevenfold. I even stripped the song desecrate through reverance of everything but the clean vocals and matched it up with the chorus of my song and bingo hes hitting the right notes. Of course this doesnt of course mean much.. Heart Failures main chords are D, G, and A. The singing I'm looking for of course is high pitched. I've got all the lower stuff covered. I need stuff an octave higher than what im playing on guitar. Yesterday Sheila was singing some of the notes right some not, but they were an octave too low. She needs to sing from her head voice fuck that chest voice shit. Or somewhere inbetween. Well in case someone didnt get my hint above *practice singing avenged sevenfold* they use the same chord progressions on guitar as me a lot of times.. So if you can sing in the same keys as him things should match up. That wont help much though since i still can't tell anyone what to sing. Transcribe the tabs into sheet music if you must but thats gonna take a bit of time. Or match the chorus of what im playing on guitar with a keyboard and then hit the notes an octave higher and match that. If all else fails you'd better learn to scream as good as me lol. Do any hardcore bands have a male and female screamer. Eh, I can't think of any off the top of my head but yeah we can be the first.

I dont know what to say. If I met someone who was the greatest guitar playing in the world. If all he could do was play covers well.. he wouldnt be the greatest then.. No matter how fast or accurate he could play.. If you can't write a song than you can't write a song. That doesnt really mean you can't do music either. Most bands have just 1 person that writes 90% if not all of the music. If you can write good songs than you can write good stuff and thats all there is to it. It doesnt matter how good I can write a song or anyone else though, you can't have a band and be 1 person. I never even wanted to sing in this band and i never even thought i'd have to, but shit happens, but still i dont want just 1 voice. I just think that will get way too boring. Unless you can scream and sing and have like 2 different sound. I sure don't want to sound like everything thats already out there thats for sure. If it was just me constantly screaming eh whos going to give a shit about any of that.

You do cover songs to help you get the techniques, the knowledge, the skills, but you have to break off from that and do your own thing eventually. Especially with Sheila whos been singing her whole life? I can only wonder, does she even practice with scales, warm up her voice, anything? If I didnt practice everyday for a few years I wouldnt be where I am now. Yes, I do know I'm not as good as I was a few years ago either. With the working and schooling theres just not that kinda time. Whats her excuse?

Current Mood: uncomfortable
11:59 am
Ok, my computer is like.. 6 or 7 years old.. and yeah basically its just a piece of shit. No matter how good of a mic I plug into it theres a constant static that plagues it and theres nothing I can do about it. If i turn up my speakers with nothing playing or anything it crackles and hisses.. I thought it could've been because the speakers were old so I switched my speakers with my stepdads and the same problem so it has to do with the computer physically.. It doesnt really matter because recording with a computer without a mic preamp is pretty worthless to begin with since I can't control the volume of the mic at all.. Its hit and miss oh turn this up, scoot back from the mic, sing louder, turn up the amp more. So its just gay. I really want my fuckin 8 track digital recorder but I told myself i wouldnt get it until i had $2600 in the bank. I'm really not earning money right now. I pay for my guitar lessons, I pay my parents rent, and I pay car insurance, and because school is starting up I'm paying for my books (very expenisive) and supplies. So I may end up losing money in the long run. Right now I have $1861 in the bank. I get payed Friday and I'll make $450 easy. Car insurance is due this month theres goes $150 of it and I'm left with $300. Books & gas money for college.. there goes the $300 so i've earned nothing in the past 2 weeks of work. Damn lol. Maybe I'll quit guitar lessons. That would save me an extra $60 a month.

Once summers over and I'm back to school I'll be working less and probably only be making around $300 every 2 weeks!. Every 2 pay periods I pay car insurance of $150 so thats half of every 2 checks gone. Gas will kill me this semester because i have 1 class EVERY DAY! So i have to drive to covington and back EVERY DAY. And I'm expected to save money? Such a cruel world. Anyways, I'm just bitchin..

Current Mood: angry
Saturday, July 31st, 2004
10:04 pm
uh.. I should be asleep already.. fuck it.. After tomorrow I finally get a day off work.. I've gotta get ahold of brandon cause we need to practice as much as possible.. Once school starts I'm really just going to be screwing myself over.. I'll have time for little to nothing.. I'm trying to still work around 35 hours a week + full time schooling and I have to get above a 3.0 gpa or I'm totally fucked.. I think I can pull it off but this is going to make playing music, practice and everything a little rougher than it already is.. I'll live.. probably..

Someone called me today and left a message but it doesnt really matter.. My parents wont let me answer the phone and deleted the message.. oh well.. Tomorrows going to be a really fucked up day and work and I already see it coming. None of the higher managers are there so basically me and the wiggers are going to be able to raise hell and get away with it.. so like normal people we fucking will..

The fairs the next week or two but I havent gone in around 8 or 9 years so I have no plans of attending.. I'm on a strict budget right now anyways.. It consists of basically Go nowhere, Do nothing, Buy nothing, Save all money for recording gear. Its the only thing I see in my eyes right now anyways.. I should have the cash in another month or so. fuck this shit, im gone..

on a side note christina is gay! Though it doesnt matter because.. who gives a fuck?

Current Mood: stressed
Thursday, July 29th, 2004
3:14 pm
practice went fine. We already have our 6 cover songs down again and we learned our 1st original. We only managed to play through it once perfectly out of 3 attempts. But we made the drums up the same day. Brandon really is the quickest person on picking up on things that i've ever seen. Brandon has the internet now ohhhhh, moving up in the world. I think I'm going to a Bleeding Through, God Forbid, and Dimmu Borgir concert August 20th.

Sheila you need to tell whoevers keeping you from coming to band practice to fuck off. Me, James, and Brandon are already playing originals and you've still got your finger up your ass.. I've got guitar parts worked out on every song but you've still got to do your own vocals. I dont care if you figure it out as we're playing the song or if I have to drag you over here and put the song on repeat until you figure something out.

Im maybe 400 or 500 dollars away from badass recording gear.

Current Mood: content
Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
1:26 pm
On a note of good news I fixed my flying V and the wood glue worked fine and having new strings sure helps my shit sound even more badass. Well, I'll just update this thing again after band practice. later

Current Mood: bored
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